How External Concepts Garden Landscapers Do It

Our landscape designers work with you, listen to your ideas and advise you of the best design solution available to meet your requirements and budget. Sean Spurdle, the Director, has been involved in the Landscape Industry for 18 years, his ideas and visions prove practical and contemporary with a keen eye on modern solutions.

Wimbledon Common

The Process

To start give us a call and we will be able to discuss your general requirements. We can then arrange a consultation where our landscape designer will come out and discuss your project in more detail.

Our landscape designers will then contact you to confirm the appointment, answer any questions you may have and suggest points to consider prior to the consultation.

First Consultation

At the first consultation, our designer will listen to your ideas and dreams for your outdoor area. Using our experience and your feedback, our designer will give professional advice and our ideas for your garden. During this stage of the process, a firm price can be given for a Landscape Design if required. Once agreed upon, a concept plan can be developed for your individual needs.

Wimbledon Common
Wimbledon Village

Plan Approval

Once the concept plan is complete, our designer will arrange another meeting to confirm your approval to the Landscape concept. Essentially, this is where you can add and subtract elements to the design that has been presented to you. At this stage, any more ideas you may have can be added to the design. Once everyone is satisfied, our designers can proceed to a Final Landscape Plan.

The Final Landscape Plan is fully specified with all the necessary details needed to complete you dream garden. Information such as Plant lists and information, materials list and info, and construction information are all included.

Accompanying the final plan is the firm quote for all construction in the design. Everything from decks, water features, lighting, paving, planting and many other things are all covered by at External Concepts, your one stop Landscape shop.

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